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Ozone therapy is a medical therapy that can treat a variety of ailments, depending on how it is used. It can be injected directly into a joint, muscle or tendon, or be infused into the blood through intravenous injection. One of the most popular uses of Ozone is through the skin, via an ozone sauna or bagging. Ozone therapy has been used in a variety of ways for over 100 years, from an anti-fungal to healing agent. The Upper Room uses ozone therapy as a medical tool for its ability to decrease inflammation and modulate the immune system. It is a powerful biohacking tool and can be helpful to a variety of conditions such as chronic pain, fibromyalgia (eg. diffuse pain), migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, candidiasis , congestive heart failure and cardiovascular disease, autoimmune disorders & allergies, eye conditions (eg. macular degeneration), arthritis and diabetes. 


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