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Regenerative Medicine and Electro-Therapy in Toronto, ON

High Intensity Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field (PEMF) Therapy

We are electromagnetic beings, our bodies have electrical gradients that store energy (electric gradients in our cells). Nothing in our body happens without electromagnetic exchange.

HUGOTM PEMF uses magnetic fields to repair and energize the body and differs from other electro-therapies in that it is non-contact, which means that there aren’t any electrodes on your body. It is not a microcurrent device!

PEMFs influence our behaviour at a cellular level by inducing changes within the electrical charge. The results are:

  • Improved circulation and oxygenation of tissue
  • Better transport of nutrients
  • Increased Energy
  • Accelerated Healing Process
  • Pain Reduction
  • Induce reflexology and acupuncture results

The HUGOTM is a High Intensity PEMF, which means it can deliver a much higher amount of energy than regular PEMFs which accelerates healing and regeneration.

PEMF therapy has been shown to be helpful across a myriad of conditions because of its contribution to your cellular system– it works to optimize your cells which will in turn increase your physical functioning and well being.

The HUGOTM is twice as powerful than regular PEMFs because of its design and power output. In addition, it can both be used for the whole body and specific areas of concern. It is the perfect complimentary device to embed in your healing journey or as a stand alone therapy.




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Questions About High Intensity PEMF Therapy

The Applications of High Intensity PEMF

Well-Being & Sleep Athletic Performance Metabolic Enhancement Healing & Regeneration
• Helps insomnia
• Approved by the FDA for treatment of anxiety and depression
• Improves quality of sleep
• Reduces irritability
• Switches system from sympathetic to parasympathetic state
• Increased Performance and Endurance
• Maximizes ATP production
• Optimizes blood & tissue oxygenation
• Relieves anxiety and stress
• Reduces risk of injury
• Enhanced Muscle Function
• Upregulates cellular metabolism
• Activates RNA and • DNA synthesis
• Stimulates Collagen Synthesis
• Faster Recovery After Exercise
• Decreases muscle tension
• Promotes lactic acid excretion
• Accelerates healing of sore, stiff muscles
• Reduces pain caused by spasms
• Accelerates Healing
• Stimulates collagen synthesis
•  Boosts cellular regeneration and repair
• Activates RNA and DNA synthesis
•  Reduces swelling and inflammation
• Promotes healthy cell metabolism
• Balances cell-membrane charge
• Stimulates intercellular communication
• Improves nutrient uptake
• Promotes higher levels of vitamin A
• Activates the antioxidant system
• Destroys free radicals
• Significantly reduces pain
• Relaxes muscles
• Reduces muscle tension and spasms
• Reduces pain, swelling and
• inflammation
• Accelerates injury recovery time
• Promotes healing of sore, stiff muscles
• Improves cellular activity and regeneration
• Enhances tissue repair (stimulates RNA and DNA synthesis)
• Enhances wound healing
• Reduces fibrous tissues and scars
• Promotes bone repair and regeneration
• Enhances joint healing
• Relieves ligament and tendon strain