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Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine Treatment Clinic in Toronto, Oakville and Ontario, Canada Near Me

Functional Medicine is a personalized, patient-centred approach to traditional medicine. The lens of functional medicine is unique– we use evidence to our advantage while maintaining a holistic view of the individual. Through this lens, we view each patient as unique and empower them to reach their greatest potential. By taking a detailed account of an individuals’ lifestyle, genetic and biochemical background we begin to discover a complete path towards health that elevates quality of life indefinitely. 

Addressing the root cause of illness not only provides a foundation for the improvement of an illness, but it also ensures that the complexity of the illness has been unpacked. Ideally, it can allow the physician to manage the most symptoms with the smallest amount of medical intervention. 


FAQ about Functional Medicine in Toronto What does Functional Medicine mean for Toronto’s Upper Room Clinic

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