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Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy in Toronto and Oakville, Ontario

What is Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy?

Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy is the infusion of ozone gas into the bloodstream through a continuous, sterile, closed system. At the mid arm, an IV is inserted that is connected to a pressure line which leads to a vacuum sealed bottle. The negative pressure caused by the vacuum sealed bottle pulls the blood from your vein into the bottle, reaching a volume of 200ml each ‘pass’. The Ozone generator infuses Ozone Gas into the bottle. Once the ozonated blood is returned to you via the same IV site, a ‘pass’ is considered completed.

Generally, Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy is completed in 10 passes, which is why it is colloquially known as the ‘10 pass’ or ‘IV Ozone 10 Pass’.

Within 10 passes, approximately 2 liters of blood is filtered, ozonated and activated. It takes anywhere between 45 minutes to 1 hr and 30 minutes to complete 10 passes. This depends on a few factors, which is described below.


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