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Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy & Immune Boost Infusion

Preventative Therapy

Anti-viral effects of Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy include:

What is Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy?

Hyperbaric IV Ozone Therapy is the infusion of ozone gas into the bloodstream through a continuous, closed system.An ozone machine pulls blood out of the vein into a vacuum sealed container, while the ozone generator infuses ozone into the blood. The system can also infuse oxygen into the blood.This therapy takes 30-60 minutes. It transfuses approximately 2 L of blood, infuses 700 gamma of ozone and oxygen with each treatment.

What is an immune boosting drip?

This vitamin drip is the direct infusion of essential vitamins and minerals for immune health and resilience. This drip contains 15-50 g of vitamin C, that’s like eating 715 medium sized oranges. Vitamin C jump starts the immune system and is known to help activate the immune system when faced with harmful microorganisms.

It is also well-known as a powerful anti-oxidant, a free-radical scavenger. This drip also contains magnesium chloride, calcium, zinc, selenium, b-complex and the viamins B5, B6 and B12.

How do these therapies work together?

Hyperbaric IV Ozone therapy and High Dose Vitamin C (HDVC) therapy are combined to enhance the immune system. Ozone is a oxidative agent that causes the fatty coating of pathogens to dissolve, thus destroying their protective layer in the body and exposing these bugs to our immune system. Once the fatty coating is dissolved, our immune systems’ are able to detect their presence and send reinforcements to obliterate the pathogen.

Vitamin C cleans up the debris left by the dissolving effects of ozone and other metabolic processes that ramp up when our bodies are fighting harmful microorganisms. Our immune system sends macrophages to the scene of the crime to eat pathogens, displaying the contents of the pathogen on the outside of their cells. This causes an ‘invasion alert’ signal to spread the body.

The faster this happens, the faster your recovery from the pathogen.


Patients who do not qualify for Hyperbaric IV Ozone may still receive ozone through alternative treatment options, please contact us for further information.

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